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Local Victoria, BC Heating and Cooling Company Recognition

Ever so often we provide local companies some help based on their website and what they do online. We picked out a company in Victoria, BC Canada and we wanted to give them some help and advice base don their online properties and what they have done in their heating and cooling market. We usually pick a company that has been around for years and has already built some recognition online. We have found them on multiple properties online and we are happy to see them in many different networks. Local Hvac Professionals have been our pick this month. They offer different HVAC services and one of the most popular is their Victoria heating and cooling service that gets a lot of buzz within the city. If you need anything done with your furnace or fireplace, then they are the company to call.

Here is some great information from their website. They love to offer free help about different HVAC systems which is a great start for their customers online.

Tips on finding the best heating contractors and why we are the best….Find Out!! The real estate industry is one of the rapidly developing industries all around the globe. This means Canada has not been left out. Residents of Victoria BC I have good news for you. One of the biggest milestone in any construction, whether a small residential house or a multi-million real estate, is finding the best heating contractors. A HVAC system is a unit that can cost you upwards of dollars and therefore to avoid denting your account; you need to get it right at the very first time. One of the greatest challenging on our planet today is energy conservation.

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Our energy resources are continuing to deplete, and thus energy costs have shot up substantially. Surprisingly, the comfort of your indoor environment heavily relies on the same energy resources. Therefore, to cut on the energy bills, you need a HVAC system that will be energy efficient something that not many companies can offer. This is one reason you should consider our services as the best heating contractors in the whole of BC, Canada.

They offer some great information and up front help to their customers which is great. They also update their blog on their site which is good for keep the content fresh, another good sign.

A Brief History of Search Engines



Could you imagine the internet without Google? Even though I was using the internet long before Google was around – yes, I’m old – I really couldn’t. Where do most of us go when we’re looking for something and want information on it as soon as possible? For about 70% of us, that would be Google.



Now, that’s not to say that Bing isn’t used quite extensively, just that with Microsoft’s recent drop in support over the past 3 years or so they really don’t have the surfer sponsorship they used to. Some say Bing is a much more robust search engine than Google and perhaps this has to do with the fact it’s been around for a bit longer than Google. Of course, it was known as MSN back in the day. Most aren’t aware of this, however, so they believe Bing is one of the news kids on the block.


Yahoo Search

Now we get to one of the Grand Daddies of search engines – Yahoo. Creating by David Filo and Jerry Yang and launched in 1994, Yahoo quickly became the go-to search engine. Yahoo Search, as it is usually referred to as, was a household name for most of us who surfed the internet in the 90’s. Yahoo doesn’t have the popularity it used to have but is still used quite extensively by surfers around the globe today.

Here are a few other search engines which have either passed on into search engine heaven or developed into something else and that I am betting most people who read this post have never heard of. Unheard of or not, knowing a bit about the history of search engines is a good thing. After all, they helped develop the internet we know and love today.


Archie Query Form

Archie Query Form was the very first search engine on the internet, being launched in 1990. There wasn’t much to it really, relying on FTP hosted and downloadable directory listings. Due to the lack of space, only listings were available. I recall it being quite limited and rather slow. My, how things have changed in 25 years.


Alta Vista

Alta Vista was launched in January of 1994, offering the first search engine with unlimited bandwidth. Bandwidth for the time, that is. Which wasn’t a lot compared to today but definitely a leap into the future for 1994. Alta Vista also offered the first natural language search query availability, which soon had it ranking as one of the top search engines on the internet. It was my favorite engine back in the day.

Alta Vista was purchased by Overture in 2003 for $80 million in stock and $60 million in cash. Yahoo took ownership of Overture in 2003.

Search Engines Are The Internet

Let’s face it, we couldn’t surf the internet properly without search engines. There can be no argument there. Whether you love or hate Google, Bing or Yahoo, we wouldn’t be able to reach the pages we do every day without them. They are the bread and butter of the internet, indeed.

State of Digital Marketing and Local SEO in 2015 – Predictions

marketing onlineDigital marketing has taken the forefront when it comes to business branding and advertising in our modern age.

While mediums such as television, radio and paper materials are still being used, it is the internet which has come up front in regard to reaching the masses for business interest and transaction.

Digital marketing has grown leaps and bounds, even in the past few years. Here are our predictions of where it is headed in 2015 and beyond.

Content Will Be More Than King For Local SEO Services

If there is a higher ranking than King when it comes to digital marketing then it will surely take that position. In-depth content is now getting more attention via Google searches, with the King of search engines already proving that it’s robots pick up long tail titles and terms more frequently than ever before.

Candida Digital Marketing Channels Will All Be Connected Through Victoria BC SEO Marketing

Content, SEO Services in Victoria BC and social media will all become one eventually, in terms of being treated more as skills that stretch across an organization’s marketing platform. Search engine optimization will evolved beyond individual strategies, with a focus more on the experiences of customers across marketing channels.

Mobile Analytics Will Become More Relevant

Google and Bing and other major search engines or major companies like have already begun regarding mobile traffic and interactions more seriously, but this is just the beginning. We predict they will stretch much further into this territory as mobile units become more powerful and more people use them as their means of internet browsing and communication.

You can always contact our main offices if you ever need more recommendations on who we think are the best SEO’s in the country, it does matter when conducting your business online to have only the best people working for you. Contact us on our main message page if you’d like more info on digital marketing strategies and marketing in general.

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